dico services are based on a deep knowledge of the institution’s project and objectives and aims to develop a continuous counselling oriented to take the best possible management decisions.​

To successfully confront all challenges, the educational institutions and schools must take decisions to substantially improve the 5 key elements on which dico focus its attention: project, leaders, strategy, resources and professional management.​

1. Project: who, what and how we are. What we would like to offer to our community and the relationship of trust we build as institution. The identity and values that make us different.

2. Leaders: the human team that manage, lead and execute our projects are the genuine engine of all educational institutions. Leadership, training, selection, motivation.

3. Strategy: to aplly intelligence and to chose the best possible decisions to achieve our goals. Planning, analysis, best practices, methodologies, internationalitzacion.

4. Resources: To have the best means and rosources available and to fit them in our project. Teaching materials, providers, daily management.

5. Professional management : to lead, execute and educate based on best experiences, practices, data, continuous training and team work.

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